Monday, June 21, 2010


Living the mad pace of life, meeting deadlines seems to be the norm of today's working class. Rushing between meetings, delegating tasks, answering mails etc consume the entire day. Can all this be true in case of a normal housewife. Seems true in my case, at least. The last two months seems to have just flown without my realisation. The coming days are also equally hectic.
I am joining the group of 'just two of us'. My eleven year old daughter is leaving for a residential boarding school from August. It is not an easy task leading life without children. Hence I decided to brace myself to face this new challenge in my life. I am clueless if I am going on the right track. The only option available in Miri is to keep myself occupied with all activities available for an expat. So I decided to take the plunge.
There are a wide range of activities to choose from for an expat's spouse in Miri. Hornbill club located in the Shell camp conducts various activities for expat spouses. A golf club equipped with a swimming pool is another venue for outdoor physical exercise. Luckily, my house lies close to both the clubs.
There are two parallel activities organised on many days of the week at both clubs. Mondays has cooking demos at Hornbill and aqua aerobics at the Golf club. The Book Club also meets on the first Monday of every month at Hornbill. Tuesdays is craft day at Hornbill. On Wednesdays, there is yoga class in the morning, followed by dance classes at Hornbill. Wednesday afternoons is Mahjong time at the Boatclub, which is another club situated nearby. Wednesdays is also a busy day for library members as library at the Hornbill opens on Wednesday evenings. There are Coffee mornings held once a month on a Thursday at Hornbill. Some expats do bowling on Thursdays. Friday is again time for aqua-aerobics.
In addition to all these, living in an expat community involves lots of hi's and bye's. So there are leaving pages to be filled up, farewell gifts and parties to be organised. When I first moved to Miri two years back, I was part of some activities only. Since I decided to keep myself busy, I got myself involved with every possible activity.
In addition to the list, a couple of months ago, I started doing my 5 km walk. I have been walking every single day of the week, excluding weekends. Since I was disciplined in my walking schedule, I added another activity to my routine, blogging. Early mornings seem to set my mood for writing. So I wake up early to write my thoughts. I have maintained a steady pace in my flow of writing till date since I started.
In addition to all these, I also have got involved in organising an Indian coffee morning next week. The invitees have crossed fifty already. Days and nights seem to have lost count for me. I am just rushing from one task to another.
Gearing myself to handle future emptiness, I resolved to keep myself engrossed with all available options. But of late, striking the right balance in life seems the most difficult thing for me. Since last week, I am finding it difficult to maintain the continuity in walking. I am trying to juggle for the ultimate goal to keep myself happy and drive away emptiness, but that now seems an euphoria. I feel exhausted at the end of it.
So what started as an option to fill my days seem to have sapped my energy. I had always thought that office -goers found it difficult to relax with theri hectic schedules. I never realised that even a house-wife needs to learn to slow down. I am still naive and need to learn to strike the perfect balance in my life.

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