Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's been approximately ten days since I am writing daily. Not many pages, though, but few lines everyday. A few months before, this was an unimaginable thought. I have always wondered how authors churn out novels, using such apt expressions and such nice language. I couldn't even put down a few words in a proper order. It seemed the most difficult thing under the sky.

I turned down every one's suggestions to write. Writing for me was a forbidden territory. I tried writing a couple of years before at the insistence of my friends, but it never sustained. Similar attempts later, never saw the light of the day.

So I stopped trying and thought of probing for more information on writing. Thanks to googles, bings and amazons, life has become much easier at least for idlers like me. My mind needed no functioning. A click and loads of information opened up on 'How to write", 'Where to sit and write', 'When to write', 'What to write' etc. I was overwhelmed on seeing all the information and started devouring it. I was unnecessarily worrying all these days.

These sites gave me a lot of boost initially. However I realised later that everyone was offering the same ideas. Either way, at the end all the euphoria, did not motivate me to write even a few lines. So I comforted myself that writing is not my cup of tea and carried on my life.

But I wasn't feeling fully happy either. It was bugging me that I could not write at all. I wasn't thinking of tasks as climbing Mount Everest or swimming the British channel. Just penning down a few thoughts is all I wanted to do.

I was blessed that I have been gifted with a good pair of hands, perfect vision and a mind that works sometimes at least. I have a computer at home and even otherwise could afford to buy paper and pen. As far as my knowledge goes, this is all one requires to write. But I wasn't able to write still. Frustration started creeping within me.

Then on one so those days when my brain thought it needed some exercise, a simple thought stuck me. I had not set my heart at it. That was the basic reason for all my previous failures. I was just trying to ape others, unnecessarily doing the wrong things.

So I decided no more self -promises, no more searching for information for ideas and no more hard feelings. I just started writing whatever came to my mind and saw that I could write a page. Filling up a page felt so easy. There has been no looking back since then.

I know its early to say so, but I am enjoying every bit of my time when I sit down to write. I started writing early in the mornings when everyone is sleeping. The silence around me makes it easier to scribble down. I did not make any deliberate effort this time for this endeavour.

But every morning when I get up, I look forward to write, sipping my cup of tea and nibbling my oat crackers.

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