Sunday, June 6, 2010


My apartment in Miri faces the golf course with the sea at the backdrop. Opening the curtains of my balcony, I see a different sight each morning. The greenery of the golf track, the swaying trees gives me immense pleasure on some days. The sun taking its relaxed time to step out of the clouds reminds me of a child playing hide and seek. An odd sailing ship adds splendour to the vast sea. Watching a few yellow leaves slowly falling on the ground appear to me asking for permission to retire. All these fill me with an innate calmness. I just feel one with the tranquil, picturesque nature.
A river flows at the back of my house. Every day morning boats transport the offshore men to various offshore platforms and rigs. The offshore guys park their cars before the apartment each morning and sail by boat to the offshore, except on bad weather days. The offshore guys stepping out of the cars in colours of blue, yellow, red and grey enhance the existing colours of nature.
Admiring the birds leaving their nests in search of food, or the tiny tots leaving for school seem to set the perfect mood for a new day’s beginning. A few early golfers warming up infuse the perfect enthusiasm to start my daily routine. I get inside my house smiling and start my work.
However, on some other days the same landscape does not appeal to my senses at all. The seas, the golf track, the blazing sun, the row of cars, all appear monotonous. The kids going on bikes or the birds leaving their nests seem to remind of my mundane routine. I just draw the curtains and step inside.
I wonder at the contrasting feelings derived from the same view. Drawing or opening the curtains during different times on a single day sometimes evokes mixed reactions. Is it nature outside that is changing my mood every time or my moody nature which is responding differently each time? I still have yet to find an answer, who is more moody – my inner nature or the nature outside………

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