Sunday, May 15, 2011


I first saw a picture of castle in fairy tales
Where witches lock princesses
And handsome princes rescue them
To take them to beautiful lands

I first time saw real castle in tourist places
And in visits to Disney land
Never ever built a real castle
Or stayed in one

I first time built sand castles on beaches
But the waves washed them away
I tried building castles in the air
But they got blown away

I first time wish not a castle for myself
Because I am an ordinary mortal
But I genuinely wish a roof
For every homeless child in today’s world


  1. Now that's what we should all wish for, for a roof for a homeless child is nothing less than a grand palace--compassion and wisdom shine here! Well done.

  2. Very compassionate. My potluck:

  3. i really like the last para:)
    great poem:)

  4. A beautiful wish.

  5. Thanks to each of you for visiting and for those lovely words.

  6. I loved the ending :) A little bit of dreaming and reality merging beautifully in your write. Nice, I enjoyed it, thanks :)
    Have fun at the potluck!

  7. It's good. Simple narrative and takes the readers by surprise at the end.

  8. what a lovely wish, and a well written piece

  9. wishing your dreams coming true.
    well expressed wishes.


    How have you been?

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    Looking forward to reading all of You.


  10. how are you?

    hope all is well.

    join poets rally today.