Tuesday, May 10, 2011


How does it matter what colour I am
Hope you unlock your inner logjam
Please don’t turn me down
My heart will have a breakdown
My chocolate brown skin
Your lily white chin
Red is the colour oozed
When either gets bruised
My brown or your white
Nothing is finite
Both suffer similar wrinkling
With each passing spring
Even the multi-hued rainbow
Would take a bow
Because my love knows only one colour
And that is to care for you forever.


  1. awwwwwwww how lovely and yep we're all the same loved it thank you

  2. love your blog so very much,

    your words are full of imagery.

    a job well done.

  3. hmmm I sure do know the feeling :)

    I dig this. You might enjoy mine:http://lynnaima.wordpress.com/2011/04/30/living-in-color-blindsighted/

    Happy potluck!

  4. Thank to each of you for all the encouraging words of appreciation.

  5. True. Color, race, religion are man-made boundaries which mean nothing to a primal instinct like love.

  6. So true, we all bleed red, and the "colour of love" is a beautiful one; very nicely written!

  7. yeah - love does only know one color and yet shines with a myriad of colors as well...nicely written

  8. color doesnt matter with love, as love appreciates the color as well as the new color made in the mixing...nice write

  9. Love the last two lines.
    Great poem.

  10. really nice post!:)
    you write well!:)

  11. "Red is the colour oozed
    When either gets bruised"

    Exactly. Well done with an important message.

  12. Nice, and love is supposed to be blind..:) a good sentiment.

  13. Thanks Margarita, yeah love knows no boundaries.

    Hey Anna, thank you so much for the lovely words.

    Hi Brian, thank you so much, your appreciation means a lot and so nicely said the new colour made in mixing.

    Hi Dutus, I really like you for you always have such wonderful words of encouragement and for patiently quoting lines.

    Hi Claudia, thank you so much, totally agree love shines with a myriad of colours.

    Hi merizavian, thanks for liking the last two lines of the poem.

    Hey alivealways,love is always a nice sentiment.
    Hi Tarunima, thanks a lot for your compliment.
    Hi kkridge, thanks for agreeing with my message
    Hi Ayala, love you for dropping and encouraging me always.

  14. Lovely take on the colors and spring theme. And used to excellent effect for conveying a lovely message.