Sunday, April 24, 2011


Oh! The power and pleasure of words
Many kingdoms fallen
Many hearts won

Consonants and vowels
Forming new alliances
Expressing different thoughts

Some words do not leave me
Some do not befriend me
All cajoling tricks in vain

Some words just edge themselves
On the tip of my tongue
Toying when to spill on my sheet

I get lost in this voyage
They play hide and seek
And time just flies by

The hunt for the apt word every time
Naked feelings frantic to be cloaked
Where will I get the right yarn to wrap all my thoughts?


  1. hi...jus saw my mail..looks like a page i want to spend reading...gimme some time...okay...?


  2. Good stuff Radhika!
    By the way, I believe that it is a different yarn each time those words need a wrap-around! You can rarely ever look in the same place twice!

    Rhyme On,

  3. yes, words, love them :)
    Enjoy the potluck!

  4. Thank you Rahul and Lynaima for your time and valuable comments.