Saturday, April 23, 2011


Did you not travel with the cool evening breeze to caress my cheek?
Did you not wink at me along with the humming stars and moon?
Did you not leave your footprints in the swaying green meadows for me to walk?
Did you not entwine hands with mine on sun-kissed beaches?
I try to feel you everywhere.

I lost count of the winters that passed by
The tiny sapling we planted now touches the sky
I search for you everywhere, but you decide to be your elusive self
I am no less obstinate, I wait for you at the bend where we last bid goodbye
The bend is still there and our song still plays.


  1. Hope shines here!and I like your determination too--though the sapling has now touched the sky, the wait will continue.. sweet and touching poem.

  2. A love that was lost, yet it wasn't.. for it has touched a heartstring, and the search will go on. Beautiful!

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  3. stunning word flow.
    welcome in,

  4. Hope you won't have to wait in vain. Beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks to each of you for taking time to read and for all the encouraging words.