Monday, July 5, 2010


When I started blogging a fortnight ago, the only constraint, I could foresee was lack of fresh ideas. I would always think that one day sooner or later in a week's time, I would end up staring at the computer, wondering what to write on. My initial thought was how do people get new ideas every time they sit to write? I was definite that my writing attempt might sustain maximum for a week.
All my earlier attempts to write have always been unsuccessful. I had always assumed that, one needs to have the calibre of great prolific writers to even attempt scribbling. Writing requires excellent command of language, a freshness of approach and a brilliant writing style. I was not confident whether I possessed any of these skills. Hence I would always begin and give up, because giving up was the easiest way out. I would feel diffident, if I came across some nice blogs or met someone who wrote with effortless charm. So I thought one needs to be very knowledgeable to do good writing. So I did not write. It was a forbidden territory for me. I only analysed every time I thought about it and felt insecure.

But in the heart of hearts, I would always wonder when others can, why can't I ? I am also blessed with a brain that can imagine. Thanks to my parents who provided me education, I can speak and write grammatically correct English sentences without difficulty. I can read and comprehend any written literature with ease. I do stumble upon new words once a while, but I suppose that's all right.
Then searching for more information on writing at various libraries, I came across couple of interesting books. These were collections of short stories. They were easy reads as they were written in simple language. I do not have any idea of their circulation, but those books definitely appealed to me. Some stories were  ust half a page. These books had been published and were adorning the local libraries. I was absolutely delighted having read those short stories. Realisation dawned on me that to start with, one can write short stories in simple language. I could see hope at the end of the tunnel. I had only read huge novels of famous authors till then and hence believed that writing is a mammoth task.

One thing was certain that I definitely wanted to write.

So I made my first genuine attempt to jot down my ideas. This is twentieth posting on my blog. I am happy that it was not as difficult as I conceived it to be. It has indeed lasted more than a week. I am thoroughly enjoying doing it. Early mornings set the perfect mood.  The structure, the layout of my blog, at the moment all seem unimportant to me. At this juncture, my only aim is to get up early and write. The top most priority is the immense pleasure I derive while writing. I do not have any pre-conceived thoughts. I write what comes to my mind. It is a nice journey of self discovery. It took me quite some time to arrive at this decision, but as the saying goes 'it's better late than never'.

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