Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today is my sister's birthday and I am suddenly transported back to my days spend with her. She is just an year older than me and I have spent twenty one years of my life with her. How time files, she got married in the year 1989 and life changed for me after that. We were only two of us, so it was but natural that we were very close to each other. Me and my sister went to the same school, same college and shared the same room. So it took me quite some time to adjust a life once she got married.

My parents till today fondly recollect her childhood than mine for obvious reasons. She was the most hassle-free kid ever known. She never had any health problems in her childhood, she mingled very well with everyone and was very playful. She never fussed for anything. All my aunts, uncles till date fondly quote her as one of the best kids ever born. They simply adored her.My parents often wondered why parents complain about raising kids, because she was the perfect one.

I was born and all their dreams of blissful parenting got shattered. I had loads of health problems, would never stop crying, never ate properly. There was no hospital in town which they did not visit for me. Doctors could not figure out my failing health and never ending crying. In fact my dad vexed with my incessant crying even had asked my mum to throw me in the drain. I had ruined their happy days.  After endless visits and numerous tests, one doctor finally diagnosed and gave the correct medication. It was only after that my health improved.

She was loved by everyone at the school also for she was the obedient child. I used to envy her at times, specially because I always had to follow her used text books. The only time I had a new text book was in English literature. She studied "Midsummer night's dream' and our batch had 'Merchant of Venice'. I just cherished my new text book and wouldn't even let her touch.

Though she was quiet, but she was very boisterous by nature. She loved playing a lot. She would play with any kid in the neighbourhood. Age, looks nothing mattered to her. So her clothes and  shoes would wear and tear fast. I was the prim and proper kid. Personal appearance mattered to me a lot, but she cared the least about herself. She would come back playing and her clothes would be dirty and torn. She would play with anyone and everyone. I had lots of reservations when choosing friends. Hence I would hate when my parents would buy three to four pairs of clothes for her and just one for me. My wardrobe would be full, because I never soiled my clothes.

We were two poles apart in every aspect. But I just enjoyed every moment with her. This year we both complete twenty one years away from each other.  Writing my childhood memories, I still feel as if all this happened just yesterday. She is the mother of a college growing daughter, but for me she is my dear sister who has always cared for me and been there whenever I needed her. She stays miles apart from me today. Busy in our own world of commitments, we hardly meet once in a year. But  even today if I had the option, I would love to spend  as much time as possible with her.  I wish her all the best on her birthday and wish her a very very happy future.

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