Sunday, May 30, 2010


I had barely settled in my new house in Miri when, one day sipping a cup of hot coffee in the balcony changed my perception of life. I observed groups of old Chinese men and women enthusiastically playing golf for hours. They played daily come rain or sunshine. I had barely let my guilt settle down when another incident left a deep impact. I observed an old man who appeared to be in his sixties jogging daily. I was all in awe for him when I saw an old expat cycling regularly. He carried his bike up all the four floors and brought it down every time he cycled. Later on I came across many such inspiring people in Miri.
All these events pricked my consciousness and I was determined to pull on my trainers and start moving. Thrilled to have so many varieties of physical activities to choose from in the neighbourhood, I decided to make the best use of it. The only physical activity I had ever done was sporadic walking and yoga.
So I joined for aqua aerobics class near my house. But since I only knew basics of swimming, I enrolled for evening swimming classes at another club. Any form of temptation is difficult to resist. Watching people of all ages enjoying their biking, I bought a bicycle and started cycling.
Unexpectedly an old right knee injury surfaced. But it did not undermine my new found enthusiasm. So I carried on ignoring the first warnings. The pain worsened and I had no choice left. The orthopedic after an MRI diagnosed a broken ligament and put me onto physiotherapy sessions. The sessions provided me immense relief but I was asked to refrain from any form of strenuous activity. I was given a knee cap to wear on a daily basis.
I continued my evening swimming, joined yoga for a change and put a stop to my aqua-aerobics and cycling. I presumed change of physical activity would help eliminate the pain. The doctor advised that any activity could be done as long as there was no pain. But after few days even swimming was causing swelling in the knee. I went back for more physio therapy sessions and was advised few months complete rest. But my body was itching to do something after a month’s rest. So I decided to start back with a light jog. I wore my knee cap regularly during all my jogs and even hired a trainer. But I could not even sustain for a fortnight and I had to give up.
I was feeling so frustrated at the end of all these but was resolute not to give up. The doctor by then confirmed that the only physical activity permissible was long walks provided I wear a knee cap. Resigning myself to fate, I started my evening walks. Starting with a 2 km walk initially I progressed to walking 5 kms. I walk all five days of the week now and these walks give me immense satisfaction. Neither the scorching heat nor outpours stop me from my walks. Now I share similar passions with my motivators.
It’s been more than two months now and I have not given up a single day of my walking. I do feel good for having tried every possible activity available and consistently sticking to my walking.

I have matured a lot in these two years of journeying with my knee, credit to that one cup of steaming hot coffee.

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